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Features is a collection of band portraits taken over a four year span. The motivation for this project was to capture the bands that I love in a way that they loved. I was disheartened to hear that magazines and photographers would often ask bands to dress up or pose in a way that would better “fit their music." As a photographer and musician myself, that seemed wrong to me. I imagined that the best work would come from a collobaration between myself and the bands. So, I reached out to my favorite bands, close and far, and the results were fantastic! The photos were beautiful and the bands were happy with the way they were being represented.
Cover Artist: Dan Deacon

Featuring photos of 83 Cutlass, Abdu Ali, Adam Lempel & the Heartbeats, Amanda Glasser, Basement Rap, Butch Dawson, Charly Bliss, Chester Endersby Gwazda, Chiffon, DaikonDaikon, Dan Deacon, Dangerous Ponies, Dead Mellotron, Dustin Wong, Edward Lasher, Everybody Yay, Fat Tony, Fun., Future Islands, Genevieve, Gold Motel, Great Minds, The Hush Sound, Infinite Honey, Islands, Jack Martin, Jacober, Jessica Lea Mayfield, Joey Cook and The Party Raddlers, La Gholson, Le Swish, Little Smoke, My Son Bison, Natural Velvet, Other Colors, Outer Spaces, Pianos Become The Teeth, Peals, Po Po, Rap Dragons, The Sea Life, Secret Mountains, Slipper, SMLH, The Snails, Soft Cat, Spank Rock, Spook Houses, Sri Aurobindo, The Sterling Sisters, Stoopbaby Mo, TT The Artist, Us and Us Only, The Visions, Weekends , White Laces, Wind and Window Flower, Wing Dam, Zaiah Burke

Baltimore, Maryland
Displayed at Open Space's Prints and Multiples Fair 2017
Baltimore, Maryland
Displayed at 7th Annual Zine & Photo Book Fair 2017
New York

No Longer In Print