Photographer | Musician

Quarter Time

Music Management


Producer | Composer | Songwriter 

Electro Soul Indie Pop


Jenna Balderson is a 27 year old Filipina musician/producer from Baltimore, MD. She started writing her own music at age 13, producing at age 16, and has honed and perfected her skills in the years following. She’s one of the most sought after voices and collaborators currently working in the city. Featured on tracks by JPEGMAFIA, NotCharles, Juiceb☮x, Micah E. Wood, John Tyler, & More. Her voice like her production is layered, textured, and transcending.

Her newest track, Object Performance, is a glorious ode to fleeting memory. It begins with a big drum solo counting off a disorienting track that feels entirely locked into the now and slipping quickly through the sands of time. Her voice floats around and around playfully toying with the music which hints at everything from late 70's R & B to Broadcast to Melody’s Echo Chamber. It's a dreamy endeavor that you can easily get lost in. Eyas is currently working on her debut EP produced & recorded in Baltimore with Bartees Strange, for release in 2024.
Prounced: (Eye-es)

Daoure Diongue

Saxophonist | Composer | Multi Instrumentalist
Experimental Ambient Jazz


Daoure Diongue is a saxophonist, composer, and sound essayist. A polyglot and alchemist, he evokes his homes of Baltimore and Senegal through sound. His work draws on world-class conservatory training as a saxophonist and the self-determining ethos of African American Music. Each of his projects is a first-order experience that is both mysterious and whole. In I Peered to the Other Side, Daoure explores how understanding our grief can bring us new clarity, beauty, and possibility.
Prounced: (Dow-o⟨r⟩e Jung)