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Born in the Tidewater of Virginia, a nice Jewish boy from a nice Jewish family, Micah E. Wood moved to Baltimore in 2009 and quickly entrenched himself in the art scene. Befriending and collaborating with musicians across genre, be it the wild and weird hip hop wordsmiths, seductive dance producers, or the roots players. Micah’s sound is deeply influenced by Baltimore’s musical communities, creating a sonic cholent, long-stewed in Charm City.

His new work, YOU ARE HERE, captures Micah ready to get down. Sly and danceable, Micah’s distinctive tenor yearns over layers of electronic beats and acoustic piano. Joined by friends Jon Birkholz, Bobbi Rush, Dan Ryan, Modern Nomad, Not Charles, and Ari Pluznik, the new record is Baltimore magic.

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Solo Releases:

‘YOU ARE HERE’ by Micah E. Wood 

Written, Performed by Micah E. Wood © 2020
Guitar By Modern Nomad, Daniel Ryan
Drums (Track 3) by Ian Vierra
Additional Vocals by Modern Nomad, Emily Salinas, Eyas
Additional Production (Track 6 & 7) By Jon Birkholz
Additional Production (Track 5) By Not Charles
Bass by Ari Pluznik
Violins by Yu-Ting Wu
Cello by Zack Branch
Mixing, Mastering by Nick Messitte

Cover Art: Nicolet Schenck

Released November 20, 2020

Micah E. Wood by Micah E. Wood

Written, Performed, Produced by Micah E. Wood © 2019
Co-Produced, Engineered, Mixing by Mateyo at Moosehouse Studios
Additional Production: Corynne Ostermann
Additional Engineering: Andrew Russell
Mastered: Sarah Register
Cover Art: Micah E. Wood, Christopher J. Chester, and Corynne Ostermann

Released May 17, 2019

See Me by Micah E. Wood

Recorded between Micah's home studio and Mobtown Studios
Written and Produced by: Micah E. Wood
Guitar By: Owen Ross
Mixed, Engineered and Mastered by: Andrew Russell
Cover Art: Kevin Granger, Lauren Castellana, & Micah E. Wood

Released September 22, 2017

Music Videos:

Features & Prodution:

“No Windows” & “Basement Show” - Peach Face
"Hanukkah Disco" - Micah E. Wood, Ari Pluznik, & Jon Birkholz
"Electric Menorah" - Micah E. Wood & Ari Pluznik
‘Miles’ EP - Bobbi Rush
“Wanted More” - Micah E. Wood & Butch Dawson
“Stay With Me” - Dyyo

Press Kit

“This is not your square grandparents' typical Xanadu or ABBA-odyssey but an updated vision of the polyester era through a dream machine lens captured in high def.“
-Week In Pop 2021

“Baltimore’s resident troubadour Micah E. Wood returns with a new single and love song we’ve been waiting for all along.”
-Baltimore Magaine 2020

“In a world of bravado and swagger, Micah E. Wood’s unapologetically heart-on-his-sleeve music is a breath of fresh air.”
-Baltimore Magaine 2019

“Micah evokes the exhaustion of going through the motions of the day while contending with sleepless nights while someone special and significant stays at the forefront of the consciousness.”
-Impose Magazine 2019

“Through tender electronic melodies and charming talk- sing vocals, Wood and company make our stone cold hearts—thanks a lot, Tinder—finally feel human again.”
-Baltimore Magazine (The Best Music of 2017) 

“.. exactly what you’d want to accompany your long shower or distant car ride.”
-Saint Heron 2017

“With the synths, drum machine beats, and the deep tone of Wood's voice, the song sounds a bit like early Magnetic Fields mixed with a bit of an R&B groove.”
-Baltimore City Paper, 2017



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