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Hiii my names Micah E. Wood I’m a Baltimore based photographer/musician/designer. Let’s make pretty things together. 💖

Bachelor of Fine Art, Photography
Concentration in Book Arts
Maryland Institute College of Art

About the Artist:
Micah E. Wood (He/Him) is a Photographer & Musician based out of Baltimore, MD. His portrait photography flows with the vibrancy of the Baltimore music scene. Exploding with color, the work builds a sense of belonging and intimacy to the subject that can only be achieved by a thorough understanding of the specialness and sense of place in Baltimore. His portrait work from 2012-2016 culminated in his book ‘Features’, in which Micah turns his gaze adoringly on his favorite artists. Over the past seven years, Micah has only continued to document individuals of the microcosmic Baltimore music scene, such as emerging indie artists such as Snail Mail to underground post punk bands to electropop legend Dan Deacon. 

His approach to using light as a 3-dimensional or sculptural form on the subject is a playful feature that links both his portrait and landscape work.

Micah is currently a Full-Time Freelance Photographer and a Part-Time Photography Professor at Maryland Institute College of Art.

Write Ups/Features:
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The Baltimore Sun, 2020
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Baltimore Beat, 2017
The Baltimore Sun, 2017
Best Music of 2017 (BM) 
Baltimore Magazine, 2017
Baltimore Magazine, 2017
City Pape, 2017
Kickstarter, 2016
Saint Heron, 2016
City Paper, 2016
City Paper, 2016

Hey Alma, 2022
Baltimore Magazine, 2022
Bmore Art, 2021
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